Ali Tramline Z

The TramlineZ is available in 2 recess options: 1mm and 3mm.
A perfectly matched joiner from carpet to hard flooring.
Used for stretch-fit carpets, medium height, to LVT and WPC/SPC 8-6mm and 8mm Laminate.
TramlineZ (1mm recess) is for use with WPC/SPC (any multi-layered flooring) by peeling off the top layer.
TramlineZ (3mm recess) for LVT 2-3mm and Floating LVT/Click 4-5mm and Laminate flooring by planning down to 3mm.
Install flooring into the recess.
Includes pre-attached adhesive tape.
Includes MDF spacer 40cm long. Cut in short lengths and place under nail holes to raise base.
Consider underlay and carpet thickness as this will have a bearing on the heights.
The trim should start a few millimetres above the height of the flooring to allow 2-4mm level nap down to give the carpet a firm grip on the pins.
Use the MDF strips provided to raise the base 3mm.
Use a block of wood wrapped in carpet and then gentle hammer down the trim making it level, never at an angle.

Choice of standard finishes: Ali Brass, Ali Antique, Ali Chrome & Ali Black
Choice of length:  180cm
Choice of profiles: Ali TramlineZ 1mm recess and Ali TramlineZ 3mm recess.

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Ali Tramline Z

Choice of standard finishes: Ali Brass, Ali Antique, Ali Chrome & Ali Black Choice of length: 90cm & 180cm Choice of profiles: Ali Tramline 1mm recess & Ali Tramline 3mm recess
£19.16 /m2

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