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Try Brampton Chase Classics Collection for authentic natural character and charm


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Classics Arctic Grey Oak

Arctic Grey Oak, a mix of natural tones to freshen up any room. Get the look... Natural sympathetic tones Add contemporary art installations Try shabby chic vibes
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Classics Distressed Oak Pk 3.26 sqm

BC - Classics Distressed Oak Pk 3.26 sqm
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Classics Farm House Oak Pk 3.26 sqm

Farmhouse Oak, A traditionally rustic style with idyllic tones. Get the look... Fresh contemporary tones Striking accent colour Minimalistic styling
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Classics Frosted Oak Pk 3.26 sqm

Frosted Oak, Brimming with unique traits that make an impression. Get the look... Bold contrasting mono tones Light natural textiles Statement art pieces
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Classics Limed Oak Pk 3.26 sqm

Limed Oak, Genteel even tones make an elegant impact. Get the look... Natural subtle tones Symmetrical patterns Quintessential country textiles
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Classics Manor Oak Pk 3.26 sqm

Manor Oak, Panache and prestige wrapped up in one. Get the look... Luxurious subtle tones Bold checkered textiles Uncluttered yet cosy composition
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Classics Oak Driftwood Pk 3.26 sqm

Oak Driftwood, For when a room needs to exude character. Get the look... Soft neutral tones Natural materials and textures Shabby chic styling
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Classics Old English Oak Pk 3.26 sqm

Old English Oak, A modern take on a traditional design. Get the look... Traditional warm palette Natural materials Modern accessories
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Classics Royal Oak Pk 3.26 sqm

Royal Oak, Stylish, regal and very comforting. Get the look... Bold regal tones Rich sumptuous textures Opulent textiles
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Classics Silver Oak Pk 3.26 sqm

Silver Oak, A touch of grandeur featuring a refined grain pattern. Get the look... Muted tones Indulgence of space Subtle natural textures
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Classics Weathered Oak Pk 3.26 sqm

Weathered Oak, A little on the wild-side. Get the look... Rich colour palette Clean symmetrical patterns Minimalistic execution
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Classics White painted Oak Pk 3.26 sqm

White Painted Oak, Calming soft tones exude subtle luxury. Get the look... Fresh tones Bold Aztec prints Minimalist styling
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