Art Select


Full of charm and character, Karndean premium Art Select range brings the beauty of real wood and natural stone to life in your home. You will find Karndean most intricate designs and realistic embosses, handcrafted to reflect the unique patterns and textures found in nature but unlike the real thing, they're able to design a floor that’s not only beautiful and realistic, but is also practical.


Kandean Art Select comes in a gluedown format of luxury vinyl flooring that is fixed to a perfectly flat/smooth and dry subfloor using adhesive.


Karndean range of complementary borders and design strips provide the perfect finishing touch.


Gluedown benefits

Karndean gluedown products can be fitted tight against straight and curved walls and fixtures, meaning no need to leave and cover up any expansion gaps.

Karndean’s waterproof floors stand up to spills of all sizes and won’t swell, crack or warp when wet.

Design strips and borders

Create intricate designs by combining multiple laying patterns with decorative borders and design strips to create a floor unique to you.

Mix wood with stone designs

Cut to create bespoke designs and combine wood and stone pattens in a variety of ways to create a fully customised floor personal to you.


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Art Select Handcrafted Classic Hickory EW13

£62.49 /m2 £56.24 /m2

Art Select Handcrafted Hickory Nutmeg EW03

£62.49 /m2 £56.24 /m2

Art Select Handcrafted Hickory Peppercorn EW02

£62.49 /m2 £56.24 /m2

Art Select Handcrafted Natural Hickory EW10

£62.49 /m2 £56.24 /m2

Art Select Handcrafted Reclaimed Chestnut EW21

£62.49 /m2 £56.24 /m2

Art Select Handcrafted Reclaimed Chestnut RPL-EW21

£79.99 /m2 £71.99 /m2

Art Select Handcrafted Vintage Hickory EW12

£62.49 /m2 £56.24 /m2

Art Select Handcrafted Weathered Hickory EW11

£62.49 /m2 £56.24 /m2

Art Select Limestone Alderney LM03

£79.99 /m2 £71.99 /m2

Art Select Limestone Guernsey LM02

£79.99 /m2 £71.99 /m2

Art Select Limestone Herm LM20

£79.99 /m2 £71.99 /m2

Art Select Limestone Jersey LM01

£79.99 /m2 £71.99 /m2