Lvt Laying Patterns


Where to start?

It can be a tricky decision deciding on how you'll be laying your new floor, but there’s no need to worry, we have got you covered.

Start with considering the size of the room. For example, if you’re looking to make a small bathroom look bigger, why not go for a larger plank at an angle? In large areas of the home, try laying planks and tiles on a 45-degree angle or a herringbone for extra impact. For an even more unique floor, you can combine laying patterns, such as plank and herringbone, or create a rug effect design for impact.


Different Laying Patterns


Small Herringbone


Angled 45 Degree Wood Plank


Angled 45 Degree Stone Tile 




Block Plank AP01


Brick Bond Tile-LM15


Chevron Plank-KAL14 Apex


Combining Laying Patterns


Herringbone Plank-VGW122T


Herringbone Tile-ST19


Random Panel-LM03


Rug Effect


Ship Decking Plank-RL23


Straight Lay Tile-ST15


Straight Lay Plank-RL05